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A Joe Gibbs Oil Primer

The Joe Gibbs brand is named after the football coach Joe Gibbs, notable for his success in that sport, but equally notable within the racing world. However, he has no long history of oil production to indicate that his product should somehow be superior. But although there seems to be no reason to assume superiority, there is no reason to assume inferiority either.

Every variety of Joe Gibbs oil is 100% synthetic. This gives them a distinct advantage: blendability. One of the marks of the Joe Gibbs brand of oils is that they are very easily mixed with an additive such as an engine coolant. These oils are naturally very low-viscosity and low friction, making them suitable choices for racing. However, when a Joe Gibbs oil truly shines is always when it is paired with an additive.

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Engine Cooling Additives

Engine Cooling Additives

There are two main divisions within the heading of engine cooling additives:

  • Pure additive
  • Pre-blended additive and oil

Both pure additive and pre-blended can deliver up to 57 degrees of cooling power. Both also aid in prevention of rust and other problematic engine conditions. But the pre-blended has a bit of an advantage when it comes to actual practicality within the race.

Traditional engine cooling additives would be added to a pure oil, and the two together would then travel through the engine. However, this can sometimes cause a problem if the pure oil is too viscose for effective mixing to occur. The distribution of the engine cooling additive is then uneven, leading the engine to become unevenly hot. Some areas may become quite warm, while others would maintain a lower than normal temperature. The hot areas would naturally expand as the cold areas naturally contracted, putting stress on the metal of the engine and necessarily diminishing function.

However, with a pre-blended oil and additive combination there is no danger of uneven distribution as the two are already blended before being poured into the engine. Therefore, we encourage you to explore the world of additive oil blends. You'll be glad you did.

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