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Flowmaster Muffler Options

Flowmaster Muffler

Although there are no mechanical advantages to utilizing a specialty muffler, there are several benefits. Rather than an upgrade in power, a Flowmaster muffler makes a statement. The Flowmaster company strives to offer a range of mufflers, each with a unique sound. Choose the muffler that makes a tone as deep and aggressive as you are. Of course, if you need to dial down the intensity a bit you can find a Flowmaster muffler offering a softer version of the characteristic sound as well.

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K&N Pre Filter Dust Cover Protects Filter

Without a doubt, K&N is the leading manufacturer of air filters for high performance vehicles, and no quality car with strip racing aspirations should be without a K&N filter. But the K&N company has continued with its tradition of innovation, inspiring an entirely new line of products known as the pre filter dust covers.

Simple filtration systems can buildup with large particles. An easy way to prevent this is by slipping a K&N pre filter dust cover over the existing filter. Allowing these particles to advance into the more complex and fine system of the actual filter itself can dramatically shorten the life of the finely tuned filter. So K&N has devised these dust covers, designed to be placed over the other filters while dry. Once the K&N pre filter dust cover is attached, you simply replace the filter within the car, and then you should be ready to race. The benefits of a properly functioning dust cover and filter are numerous, including:

  • Better horsepower
  • Better gas mileage
  • Washability
  • Reusability
  • No need to replace

Nitrous Oxide Kits

The necessity of a nitrous kit almost speaks for itself. Any of the quality nitrous oxide kits available on the market today will give your car the bit of pep it needs, whether you choose one of the hidden kits or one of the all-out racing kits. No matter what you choose, the boost to your car's power and starting time will be obvious.

Nitrous oxide kits come in a variety of types, from the hidden version to turbo and supercharged styles, with a range of different power levels in between. Consult with your dealer or manufacturer to find the one that is best suited to your car.