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K&N Air Cleaner Benefits

K&N Air Cleaner

Your air intake system is extremely important. If your engine is starved for the oxygen it needs for combustion, it will waste fuel and lose horsepower. A genuine K&N air cleaner can help you maximize your vehicle’s performance. It will filter out the dirt and dust to keep your engine running smoothly while allowing the required air flow. It is not uncommon for drivers to notice an immediate improvement to their gas mileage and horsepower when they switch to K&N.

Of course, K&N filters have another distinct advantage: they are reusable. Unlike the standard filters found in your car engine, K&N products can be simply cleaned and reinstalled. About every 50,000 miles (depending on your vehicle and driving habits) merely apply K&N cleaning solution to loosen dirt and grime and then spray your filter clean with a garden hose!

ECS Auto Stores is your source for K&N pre filter dust cover and air cleaner products. We carry a wide variety, so you are sure to find the right cleaner for your car, truck or ATV, and all are at our everyday low prices.

K&N Pre Filter Dust Cover

If you drive in especially dusty conditions, a regular air cleaner may not be enough. You may want to consider adding a genuine K&N pre filter dust cover for and extra measure of protection. It cuts out 90% of the dirt while restricting the air flow a mere 2%! This is the best measure of protection if you find yourself driving in the sand or dusty construction lots on a regular basis.

No matter how you use your vehicle, when you want to boost performance the addition of a K&N air cleaner should be your first step. Not only will it provide a boost to power and gas mileage, it will be the last air filter you ever need. The ECS Auto Stores online parts store is always for your order which will be shipped promptly to you.

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