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High Quality K&N Air Cleaner

K&N Air Cleaner

Keeping a high quality air filter on your engine and keeping that air filter clean may be the key to getting better gas mileage and horsepower. Whether you own a finely tuned and customized racecar, a motorcycle, or a regular vehicle with no aftermarket add ons, your engine air filter remains an absolutely critical component of your vehicle's overall performance. With a K&N air cleaner, the air is filtered before it is allowed into the engine chamber. Thus, debris that would normally pass into the engine are instead removed, allowing for more engine efficiency, which in turn leads to more horsepower and gas mileage.

But is it enough to just maintain the current factory air filter, or will purchasing a K&N air cleaner increase gas mileage and horsepower even further? Purchasing a K&N filter is absolutely the right choice. Regardless of the efficacy of your current filter, a K&N filter will do better. Their products are excellent quality with excellent durability. K&N has been in business for a long time and has conducted a lot of research to come to this point in their development. With proper treatment, care, and accessories, a K&N filter will never have to be replaced.

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Redline Oil for Everyday Driving

There have been some doubts as to Redline's fitness as a racing oil. It isn't a bad oil to choose, that much is certain; however, it appears to neither substantially damage nor substantially improve the engine into which it is placed. So is Redline oil then to be relegated to the non-racing or only occasionally racing world? Evidence seems to suggest so. When used in a passenger vehicle, the oil actually produces benefit, notably proving more power and more fuel economy. When put into the engines of regular trucks that handle only typical driving situations, this oil performed much better than when under the stress of driving. Leaving the Redline oil in your every day vehicle will give you positive results.

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