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MSD Ignitions

These powerful ignition boxes offer a wide range of functionality. The company is very versatile, providing for everything from offroading (MSD ignitions provides a line of ignition boxes designed specifically for offroad vehicles) to the highest performance of racing. What's the company's secret? Years of highly specialized work with ignition boxes. They know what it takes to get the exact spark you need.

If you are wondering how you can harness the power of MSD ignitions without a lot of experience, you’d be surprised to find that it’s easier than you think. Most experienced retailers and designers will gladly share advice with a newcomer to the field. In all likelihood, they were the beneficiary of someone else who shared tips and tricks. The idea is that it's one great circle, everyone sharing a passion and love for aftermarket cars and aftermarket automotive parts. When one person discovers and shares, so the entire community is enriched. Of course, the discoverer can choose to only share after it becomes clear that he's winning a bunch of races. That is entirely up to him.

B&M Shifters

B&M Shifters

A B&M shifter may be just the part you need for that all-important finishing touch to your street car. Although these shifters may not add functionality, they definitely add a unique look to your street performance car. The different B&M shifters all have different personalities: one has chrome highlights for a sleek, futuristic feel. Another has an incredible retro look that speaks of the old muscle cars.

But where B&M shifters really shine is in a racing car. They deliver incredible functionality with steadiness and ease, allowing for shifting with confidence during even the most tense moments. If your car is destined for the strip, there is no choice: it has to go there with a B&M shifter.