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Powerful Performance Crate Engines

Performance Crate Engines

Sometimes the raw power you need cannot be achieved without an engine that’s up to par. That's why ECS Auto Stores carries a wide range of high-power hyperengineered Edelbrock performance crate engines, including:

  • 440 HP EFI
  • 460 HP SS383
  • 507 HP Supercharged
  • 650 HP
  • 675 HP EFI

Edelbrock crate engines come from one of the finest manufacturers in the industry, a company with more than 50 years in the business. Whether you are looking to upgrade only slightly or you're interested in doing a full, intense power boost, Edelbrock has what you need. And ECS Auto Stores has what Edelbrock offers, and the knowledge to get it into your hands (and into your car) as quickly as possible. No doubt, when it comes to performance crate engines, we've got you covered.

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The B&M Transmission

B&M has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of transmissions and transmission related goods, including automatic shifters and torque converters. This dynamic company is constantly developing new technology, making it impractical for ECS Auto Stores to maintain a definitive stock of any one B&M transmission. Instead, we will work with you to relate what we have in stock (or what we can order) at any given time. We can still help you, we just won't show what we have on the internet.

No racer would ever consider going to the strip without the right equipment, and any transmission that isn't B&M just can't be called the right equipment. A good B&M transmissioncan be instrumental in taking you and your car to the next level. B&M also furnishes a line of transmission support products, including transmission pans and flexplates, as well as more mundane items like transmission fluid and coolant to keep the transmission lubricated and stop it from heating during the race.

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