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More Torque and Horsepower with Royal Purple Oil

Royal Purple Oil

Many racing professionals praise Royal Purple oil on a daily basis, claiming that it gives them increased torque and horsepower with a simple oil change. Royal Purple produces several varieties of its motor oil, each formulated for a different purpose. Although any racing formula is safe for daily use, if you only race occasionally it may be wise to consider using the lower grade of Royal Purple rather than the high performance race formula. You might also consider using another brand of oil, such as Redline oil, for everyday use; allowing you to save your Royal Purple until race day.

While Royal Purple is a fairly new brand of oils, it seems to have caught on like wildfire. Why? The reason is simple: they make excellent products. Their bold design and innovative engineering have caught the eye of the racing world not through marketing, but through actual results. Unlike other oils that boast to simply improve a car's functionigh, tests indicate that using Royal Purple oil also results in up to 80% less buildup in the engine over time. Combine that bonus in engine life with the dramatic increase in performance due to the introduction of the superior oil technology, and it's hardly a wonder that this oil is so in demand.

Engine Cooling Additives

Engine cooling additives are by in large recent developments, manufactured specifically for the racer interested in prolonging engine life. The idea of active engine cooling through chemicals is an old one, but the practice of it is a fairly new idea. ECS Auto Stores offers Problend engine cooling additives, as well as a special Problend combination oil and cooling additive.

K&N Air Cleaner Increase Horsepower

K&N Air Cleaner

If we told you that a K&N air filter can actually increase gas mileage and horsepower, would you be surprised? Well, don't be because it's absolutely true. A good filter does both those things while simultaneously providing high powered filtration to your engine. Every K&N air cleaner is also reusable if properly maintained: simply use the proper covering and wash it regularly with the filter cleaner and you will never have to replace the filter itself.

How does the K&N air cleaner work? It restricts the entry into the engine compartment of foreign debris that can impact the engine's performance. By placing one of the K&N pre chargers on the filter, you further enhance the performance of your engine by limiting the large debris that enter the filter. The filter, meant to handle smaller items rather than larger, can become easily clogged if left without a charger, diminishing the life of the product. Luckily, pre chargers are easy to obtain. ECS Auto Stores offers a full line of them for our customers.